Suspect In Infant Abduction Says She Needed To Find A Baby

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WACO (September 22, 2009)--Prisscilla Mechell, 25, who’s charged in the abduction of an infant Monday morning from a home in West, told investigators she miscarried four months ago, but continued to tell her family she was pregnant and that she was due to deliver on Monday, according to an arrest affidavit released Tuesday.

Because of the deception, Michell told investigators she felt she needed to find a baby and that on Monday she was at the home of a friend who had a week-old boy.

The baby’s mother Kourtney called 911 Monday morning after she awakened from a nap to discover that the infant was gone.

She told West police that Mechell, whom she said she had known for several months, was watching the baby while she napped at the home.

While police were at the home, police said Mechell returned without the infant.

According to the affidavit, Mechell admitted to investigators that she took Ryder Miller while the newborn’s mother slept and drove to her home where she shaved the baby’s head with a razor in order to change his appearance, according to the affidavit.

Then later when she realized that authorities would believe she had the baby, she placed the boy on the floorboard of her car and drove off in search of somewhere to hide him.

About 10 miles from West, she saw a trash dumpster at an abandoned service station on FM 933,

According to the affidavit, she placed the infant in the dumpster.

Mechell “indicated that she would rather that baby died than be caught with him,” the affidavit said.

Later, after returning to the Miller home, she told authorities where she had left the newborn.

When a McLennan County sheriff’s deputy found the infant underneath debris in the dumpster, the boy was hot to the touch and red in color, the affidavit said.

The deputy took the baby to his patrol unit to cool down and wait for an ambulance

The affidavit said the boy and abrasions on both knees.

He was taken to Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center, where he remained Tuesday.

Bonds total $500,000 for Mechell, who’s charged with aggravated kidnapping and injury to a child in the abduction,

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