18 Arrested In Meth Ring Bust With Central Texas Link

AUSTIN (October 15, 2009)—Texas Department of Public Safety criminal investigators arrested 18 people in Gonzales County on felony warrants charging conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine and conspiracy to possess and distribute pseudoephedrine after a nearly two-year investigation of a meth ring with links to Central Texas.

Investigators believe the ring used family members and others to buy pseudoephedrine purchases from pharmacies and anhydrous ammonia and other precursor chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine.

Sales logs show that several individuals purchased large amounts of pseudoephedrine from pharmacies located in Gonzales, Houston, Corpus Christi, San Antonio and Georgetown, as well as in other towns, the DPS said Thursday.

During the 18 months of the investigation, from November 2007 to May 2009, investigators think the ring produced 17 pounds of meth, the DPS said.

DPS Arrests
(Source: Texas Department of Public Safety)

David Rodriguez (06/09/54): arrested 10-08-09 in Gonzales.
Jesse Arriola (DOB 04/17/82): arrested 10-13-09 in Gonzales.
Sandra Arriola (DOB 09/09/60): arrested 10-13-09 in Gonzales.
Timothy Wilson (DOB 10/28/61): arrested 10-13-09 in Gonzales.
Erica Rivera (DOB 07/11/56): arrested 10-13-09 in Gonzales.
Guadalupe Rivera (DOB 11/19/68): arrested 10-13-09 in Gonzales.
Robert Heldarson (DOB 01/18/71): arrested 10-13-09 in Gonzales.
Minerva Hernandez (DOB 06/25/59): arrested 10-13-09 in Gonzales County.
Minerva Govea (DOB 09/13/81): arrested 10-13-09 in Gonzales County.
Mike Sanders (DOB 05/20/60): arrested 10-13-09 in Gonzales County.
Alvin Douglas Windwehen (DOB 12/30/74): arrested 10-13-09 in Gonzales.
Rhonda Gass (DOB 02/17/60): arrested 10-13-09 in Gonzales.
Jacob Evans (DOB 05/14/80): arrested 10-13-09 in Gonzales.
Beth Grier (DOB 09/29/54): arrested 10-13-09 in Gonzales County.
Tammy Shelton (DOB 02/13/64): arrested 10-13-09 in Gonzales County.
Tommy Carlile (DOB 08/10/89): currently in custody in Lavaca County on another charge.
Roger Beene Jr., (DOB 12/22/75): currently in custody in Guadalupe County on another charge.
Emily Arriola, (DOB 09/08/86): surrendered 10-14-09 to U.S. Marshals in San Antonio.

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