Central Texas Attorney Will Represent Suspected Fort Hood Gunman

Photo from John Galligan's 2006 campaign Web site.

FORT HOOD (November 9, 2009)—John P. Galligan, a retired military attorney who now practices criminal defense law said he was contacted Monday by the brother of the man accused opening fire Thursday at Fort Hood, killing 13 and injuring 29.

Galligan, a retired Army Col., who practices in Belton and specializes in courts-martial, said Hasan’s family asked him to represent the Army psychiatrist, who was awake and able to talk Monday.

Galligan said he was hoping to meet with Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan later Monday at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio.

He told News 10 he informed military and government investigators that he is representing Hasan and that the Hasan not be questioned outside of his presence.

He said his main concern now is that Hasan gets adequate medical care.

Investigative officials said Monday Hasan will be charged in military court, The Associated Press reported.

Investigators said there is no indication Hasan was directed to attack or had help.

Galligan, meahwhile, questions whether Hasan could get a fair trial
anywhere, given the widespread attention to the case.

Galligan has represented soldiers in other high-profile cases.

In 2005, he defended two soldiers at Fort Bliss charged in the beating death of Afghan detainees.

In 2007, he represented a Fort Hood master sergeant accused of failing to take precautions during a training exercise in which a soldier died.

In 2006, Galligan challenged incumbent Bell County Judge Jon Burrows in the Republican primary, but lost 5,941-3,223.

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