Central Texas 4th Grader Hands Out Bullets On School Bus

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COLLEGE STATION (December 10, 2009)--A spokesman for the College Station ISD says a Pebble Creek Elementary fourth grader has been "disciplined appropriately" after the student handed out bullets to several students.

The incident happened Wednesday morning on a school bus.

The school district is describing what the student distributed as bullets, although technically the student distributed cartridges.

A spokesman said once students on the school bus reached campus school administrators found out what happened.

"It was discovered that there were bullets at the school when one of the bullets fell out of the pocket of a student at Pebble Creek Elementary. A teacher immediately brought that student to the office and an investigation started," said College Station I.S.D spokesman, Chuck Glenewinkel.

The spokesman says school administrators were able to retrieve the bullets distributed to those students, and that no gun was brought onto the school bus.

Angela Allison says she was shocked when her 9-year-old daughter came home with a letter from the school Wednesday.

"She was pretty scared. She was thinking maybe someone had also had a gun too, but they didn't and she said it just made her whole day kind of mind rattling," said Allison.

The bullets were from a handgun, and Glenewinkel told KBTX that although he didn't know the caliber of the bullets they were bullets commonly used with a handgun.

Initially, Thursday morning KBTX was told police were not notified because as far as school administrators and district officials knew it was not a crime to carry bullets on campus.

After looking more into the matter, Glenewinkel said it was illegal to have ammunition on a school campus.

Glenewinkel said police would have been notified if the offense were a Title V felony, which is an act against another person.

When handing out punishment the school district had to consider three factors: was there intent to hurt another person, was the act done in self defense, and the school must consider the disciplinary history of the student.

After considering those three factors, it was determined it was not necessary to contact law enforcement in the case.

The student at the center of the incident was cleared in all three areas.

Therefore, the school took the necessary disciplinary actions with the student as if he had broken any other school rule.

"It was ammunition only. It was not associated with a gun itself. While ammunition and certain conditions can be volatile and dangerous the district feels that at no time were any students in danger with the ammunition that was brought onto the school bus and on the Pebble Creek campus," said Glenewinkel.

Glenewinkel also said the school bus was checked thoroughly after the incident and no bullets were found.

Four bullets were found in possession of the students and one was found in a trashcan.

District officials say through their questioning of all students involved they have no reason to believe any more than the bullets recovered were distributed.

"I would've liked to have known about it earlier in the day instead of just them handing letters when they got off the bus, just so I could have checked on her," said Allison.

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