Michael Moore Expected In Crawford For Special Screening Of "Fahrenheit 9/11"

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The group, "Friends of Peace" confirms that Moore, himself, will be in Crawford Wednesday for a screening of his controversial film, "Fahrenheit 9/11."
The group's original plan was to hold a screening in August, but that was before theaters in Waco and Killeen joined Temple in picking up the film and before the White House announced the President would forego his usual month long August vacation in Crawford.
The President and the traveling White House press corps, however, are here this week and on Wednesday, Michael Moore will be, too.
"Friends of Peace" tell us the expect the screening to start around 8:30pm on Wednesday night and that Moore will be on hand to introduce the film and take questions afterward.
The group wanted to hold the screening either at the football field-- which was closed for maintenance for the upcoming football season-- or the Crawford Community Center-- which was also booked.
But today, city officials agreed to let the group use the stadium parking lot for the event.
"We have people available to do the outdoor screening-- outdoor showing-- we're opening up now to a much larger venue where we can handle thousands of people instead of hundreds, says Paul McDaniel with Friends of Peace.
"At the peace house, we were only anticipating about a hundred, but with the big move to the football parking lot-- I'm sure we'll have more people attend ... It's a matter that everyone gets in and out safely," says Crawford Police Chief Donnie Tidmore.
Tidmore says the department is working with the group on security on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, McLennan County Sheriff Larry Lynch tells us their department will respond if Crawford Police ask for assistance.