Pakistani Detainee Is Tourist, Not Terrorist, Relatives Say

Kamran Akhtar simply likes tall buildings
and is innocent of any sinister motives, his brother said.

The 35-year-old Elmhurst, New York, man is jailed in Charlotte,
North Carolina, while officials try to determine whether his
activities relate to terrorism.

A federal complaint says videos found in Kamran Akhtar's
possession include footage of buildings in Atlanta, Houston,
Dallas, New Orleans and Austin.

They also show transit systems in those cities and the Mansfield Dam near Austin.

FBI spokesman Bob Doguim said the Houston video is more of a
surveillance tape with no audio that didn't appear to contain any
specific targeting of buildings or landmarks.

Irfan Akhtar told The Charlotte Observer that his brother loves
to take pictures of tourist spots and buildings.

He said his brother Kamran was traveling the country after losing his job when a New York photo store closed.