Willie's Place Faces Uncertain Economic Future

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HILL COUNTY (May 9, 2010) - An attorney for a New Jersey based lender says he has filed a foreclosure suit against WN Truck Stop Incorporated, LLC, Willie Nelson's Truck Stop in Carl's Corner.

According to the Hill County Clerk's Office, the foreclosure suit was filed on April 12th.

Michael Massey, a Houston attorney, says the truck stop had been in default of its loan, and the lender instructed him to file the foreclosure suit.

Massey estimated the amount of the loan to be in the ballpark of $5-$6 million. The loan originated in February 2008.

In addition, Massey says WN Truck Stop filed for bankruptcy in US Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of Texas, on Monday.

A Willie's Place manager confirmed the filing on Saturday afternoon, declining further comment.

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