Cornyn Visits Wounded Soldiers At Fort Hood

(August 25, 2007)—Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, visited wounded soldiers, military families and post officials Saturday at Fort Hood’s Darnall Army Medical Center.

The soldiers are participating in the Warrior-in-Transition program, which helps wounded veterans return either to duty or to civilian life.

“The soldiers and their families here at Darnall Army Medical Center have made tremendous sacrifices to protect the freedom all Americans so dearly treasure,” Cornyn said.

“In return, it is our duty to ensure that every soldier, past and present, receives the best medical care and benefits America has to offer.”

”Improvements to the military health care system are already underway, but we must continue doing whatever it takes, including cutting red tape, to ensure that we provide the best possible health care to our wounded soldiers, no matter their ailment,” he said.

Since revelations about the quality of care for wounded veterans at Walter Reed Army Medical Center surfaced, the Army has taken a hard look at issues involving medical facilities including Darnall.
In the spring teams were sent to nearly a dozen facilities to study outpatient treatment, building conditions and the information provided to patients.

The Army also activated a Warrior Transition Brigade led by combat veterans who will work to ensure continuity of care and a transition back to Army or civilian life, ensuring that no soldier falls through the cracks.

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