911 Tape: “I Just Killed My Children”

Debra Jeter entered her guilty plea Tuesday via videoconferencing equipment. She didn’t appear in the courtroom.
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HILLSBORO (May 26, 2010)--Debra Jeter, 33, who was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole Tuesday, can be heard on a 911 dispatch tape released Wednesday imploring the operator to speed an ambulance to the abandoned house in Hill County where she used a knife in an attack that left her younger daughter dead and her older daughter badly wounded.

“I just killed my children,” Jeter told the dispatcher.

Then she said, “One of them is still alive, hurry.”

“Get an ambulance out here to save the one that didn’t die,” she said.

“Come on, hurry up.”

Later she can be heard saying, “Oh my God, she’s dead. Oh My God.”

Listen To The Entire 911 Call

Jeter pleaded guilty Tuesday to capital murder and attempted capital murder after accepting a plea deal with prosecutors that spared her the possibility of a death sentence.

She entered the plea one day after what would have been her slain daughter’s 13th birthday.

Assistant District Attorney Nicole Crain, however, said Jeter’s decision to plead guilty will make things easier on the family and specifically on her surviving daughter, who would have had to testify against her mother.

She’s now 14 and was on a school field trip Tuesday, her father said.

Jeter was arrested on June 5, 2009 after placing the 911 call.

Hill County deputies, Hillsboro police and state troopers converged on the abandoned farmhouse on U.S. 77 just off Interstate 35 and found Jeter in the garage with her hands raised above the head.

Officers found 12-year-old Kelsey Leanne Jeter dead inside the house and13-year-old Kiersten Leigh Jeter critically injured in a bedroom.

Authorities said Kiersten, had a stab wound in her back and evidently tried to protect her younger sister during the attack.

Authorities said Debra Jeter and her estranged husband were in the middle of a divorce and said that she was picking up the girls for the first time under the terms of a custody order.

Emergency personnel responded to a 911 call from Jeter’s residence reporting an overdose on May 21, 2009, authorities said.

She was referred to the Waco-based Heart of Texas Region MHMR after the 911 call.

Listen To The Entire 911 Call

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