Affidavit: Area Coach Had Sex With Drunken Female Student

Christopher Garrett (Jail photo)
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HILLSBORO (June 10, 2010)—Christopher Garrett, 39, the Whitney ISD teacher and coach charged in April in connection with a spring break party at which students claimed they were served alcohol, had sexual intercourse twice with a 17-year-old female student in the bedroom of his home, according to a sworn affidavit submitted for an arrest warrant earlier this week.

Garrett was rearrested Thursday by Whitney police and charged with sexual assault and improper relationship between educator and student, according to the Hill County jail log.

He was released just before 5:30 p.m. Thursday after posting bonds totaling $25,000.

According to the arrest affidavit released Friday, the girl was provided with beer “to a level which impaired her ability to resist or provide consent.”

She told investigators Garrett had sex with her on the evening on March 15 and again in the morning on March 16 “while she was intoxicated by beer” that Garrett provided, the affidavit said.

Garrett and Nicholas Bird, 24, who also worked as a teacher and coach in the Whitney ISD, were originally charged in late April after two Whitney High School students and one former student alleged they were partying at a teacher's house outside Whitney over spring break and were offered alcoholic drinks while there, according to arrest warrant affidavits.

All three - one male and two females -- were younger than 21, according to affidavits provided to News 10 by Hill County Justice of the Peace Martis Ward.

Bird was released from the Hill County Jail after posting a $1,500 bond and Garrett was released on a personal recognizance bond.

Both Garrett and Bird were suspended with pay pending the outcome of the investigation

Associated affidavits indicate Whitney police interviewed Garrett and Bird about the incidents on March 15 and both men denied any fraternization with the students.

The students, however, were able to describe Garrett's home in detail and a subsequent review of security logs in the White Bluff development where Garrett lives showed that one of the students entered the community at the time she reported being there.

The first affidavit indicates one of the females, who is 16 years old, consumed a mixed drink provided to her by Garrett and that Garrett and Bird both were present when she consumed it.

Her name was withheld because of her age.

That affidavit also states Logan Wear, 20, consumed several beers provided by Garrett and in the presence of Garrett and Bird.

As well, the affidavit states Bird taught a 17-year-old girl how to "shotgun" a beer and then provided two beers to the girl who drank them in his presence.

Her name was withheld, as well, because of her age.

A second affidavit says Garrett was interviewed by Whitney police Chief Jake Sullivan and during that interview, Garrett denied that Wear and the two girls had been to his house.

He said the only time female students had been to his home was to babysit, and he said the two girls named in the affidavits had never been there to babysit.

A third affidavit indicates when interviewed about the incident, Bird told Sullivan he had been at the Garrett home on March 15, but said when he was there he was alone with Garrett.

Security logs indicate Bird was at White Bluff at the same time the juveniles were logged in there.

Garrett was Whitney High School’s offensive coordinator and head baseball coach.

Bird coached middle school athletics.

Garrett also taught social studies and Bird also teaches remedial science at Whitney High School.

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