Fort Hood Wife Refuses To Give Up Hope On Husband's Recovery

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"On a lovely spring day the duck sits on her nest and waits for her precious eggs to hatch."

These are the words left on a videotape by Staff Sergeant Colin Band.
He made the video for his daughter, Cheyenne, before he deployed in January to Iraq with Fort Hood's First Cavalry Division.

Colin made it, because he worried he might not make it back home.
His wife, Reka is glad he did.

That's because in March Colin suffered an injury in Baghdad.
An explosive device blew up and a piece of shrapnel struck his right eye.
He underwent emergency surgery in Iraq before he was transferred to a hospital in Germany. That's where Reka saw him for the first time.

"He didn't even look like he was alive," Reka said. " I just heard the sounds of the venilator and the breathing machine. All I kept saying was someone please tell me he's gonna be ok and nobody would say that."

Colin is now in a coma in San Antonio where he's been for five months.
Doctors offer little hope for recovery.

But that hasn't stopped Reka from spending as much time as she can at his bedside.
She says she's seeing signs of improvement.

"At one point I saw the numbers go up on the monitor, Reka said, "And I didn't know what that meant, so I called the nurse and I asked if everything was ok and he just looked at the numbers and looked at me and said I just think he knows you're here."

Reka says death is always something a military wife fears, but never this.

Reka said, "It never crossed my mind that there's an in between like this with no answers, no closures, uncertainty."

Months later, Colin's fate is still uncertain.

But what's not is this family's unwavering love.
Reka reminds Cheyenne of it every day.

And with love and luck, Cheyenne may someday get to know her daddy as something more than the man on the tape recorded by a soldier about to go to war.

Reka takes one last look at the video before turning the camera off.
Colin says, " Well Cheyenne , I'm going to read you some bed time stories."