Record Number Of Students Participate In Advanced Placement Program

More than 101,000 Texas students took more than 183,000 advanced placement exams in 2004, Texas education officials said Thursday.

That is an 11 percent increase in both the number of students and the number of tests taken.

The top five exams, according to the College Board, which oversees the program, were English Language, English Literature, U.S. History, Spanish language and Calculus AB.

An advanced placement incentive program established by the legislature may be partly responsible for the increased interest in the test, officials said.

The fee for each exam $82, but the state pays $30 of the cost of each and additional subsidies lower the cost of the exams even further for economically disadvantaged students.

“Of the 183,130 exams taken by Texans, students earned scores of three, four or five on 51 percent of them or 93,321 exams. Typically, colleges and universities award course credit for scores of three or higher,” officials said in a prepared release.