Troopers Interview Survivors Of Deadly ACU Bus Crash

Anabel Reid, 19, of Petersburg, died in the bus crash. (Courtesy photo)

ABILENE (November 6, 2011)--A Texas state trooper says it will take time to determine why an Abilene Christian University bus left a highway and overturned Friday, killing one student and critically injuring four others.

Investigators are interviewing those who were on the bus and "a lot of possibilities are being considered" in regard to Friday's crash, Department of Public Safety Trooper Phillip "Sparky" Dean said

Twelve Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences students, three faculty members and a faculty member's wife were en route aboard the university-owned bus from Abilene to Medina, where they were going to spend the weekend doing mission work.

The bus was southbound on Highway 83 when the driver lost control as he approached a slight curve at around 3:20 p.m. Friday at the intersection of County Road 234 in Runnels County, the Texas Department of Public Safety said.

The two-year-old, 24-passenger bus struck a concrete culvert and overturned, ejecting several passengers.

Anabel Reid, 19, of Petersburg died in the crash.

A Celebration of Life Service is scheduled for her at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Broadway Church of Christ in Lubbock.

Three of the injured survivors were released from hospitals Saturday, Dr. Jim Cooke of Abilene, a professor of environmental science, Kathleen Henderson, a junior from Rockport, and Kendra Unamba, a sophomore from Midlothian.

Seven others remained in hospitals in Dallas, Abilene and San Angelo, three of whom were in critical condition.

Dr. Michael Nicodemus and students Haley Wilkerson of Ravenna, Jason Iris of Southampton, Bermuda, and Amanda Wilson of Walsenburg, Colo., were treated and released on Friday.

A prayer service was held Friday night on campus of the private school, which has about 4,700 students.

Dr. Mark Hamilton, associate dean of the ACU Graduate School of Theology, led the hour-long prayer service.

“This is not a night for explaining things, but it is a night to remember things,” he said. “God weeps with us more than we know, and God will have to straighten this out.”

Amanda Wilson, who suffered minor injuries in the crash, attended the service and told the students and staff, “You are all such an amazing community. Your prayers and your support are so important to everybody involved in this.”

Students And Faculty Aboard The Bus
(Source: ACU)

Anna Ciufo, The Woodlands, Texas
Dr. Jim Cooke, Abilene, Texas (Professor of Environmental Science)
Naomi Cruz, Richmond, Texas
Alison Dorshorst, Colleyville, Texas
Merrissa Ford, Maple Valley, Wash.
Kathleen Henderson, Rockport, Texas
Jason Iris, Southhampton, Bermuda
Tiffany Lutz, Zelienople, Pa.
Emmett Miller, Hawley, Texas (Assistant Professor of Range and Environmental Science)
Pat Miller, Hawley, Texas (wife of Emmett Miller)
Dr. Michael Nicodemus, Abilene, Texas (Assistant Professor of Environmental Science)
Annabel Reid, Petersburg, Texas
Kendra Unamba, Midlothian, Texas
Anna Watson, Kerrville, Texas
Haley Wilkerson, Ravenna, Texas
Amanda Wilson, Walsenburg, Colo.