Amid Recovery, West ISD May Focus On New Turf For Football Field

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WEST (May 28, 2013)- - Faced with possibly being forced to build three new schools, the West Independent School District is now focused on upgrading its football field.

Marty Crawford, Superintendent wants to add turf.

He says the high school football field was damaged during the fertilizer plant explosion.

A triage unit was set up there after the blast.

Officials are concerned there are old, possibly dangerous medical supplies still lying around or buried underneath the dirt.

Old syringes are the main concern.

News 10 visited the field Tuesday and found packaging for sterile pads, latex gloves, and used gauze near the fence.

Crawford said there is only one field left in the district.

Since multiple athletic teams and marching bands will use the field, Crawford says the field can't maintain with such high use.

Crawford adds, because the triage unit operated there, 12 to 16 inches of dirt has to be removed for possible contamination.

Crawford cited around $400,000 to maintain the grass field but says an $800,000 turf field is a better investment long term.

The board votes Tuesday night.