Another Jury Scam Surfaces In Central Texas

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WACO (August 26, 2014) Another round of jury scams has been reported in the McLennan and Falls County areas, McLennan County District Clerk Karen Matkin said Tuesday.

Scammers call victims and tell them arrest warrants have been issued for them because they failed to show up for grand jury duty, Matkin said.

She said she believes this is part of a nation-wide scam or a copycat scam.

Matkin said if a called grand juror fails to show up for duty, a warrant could be issued, but said there is a specified process and routine for selecting grand jury members.

Prospective grand jurors would have been nominated for the panel by someone they know and the prospects would have received a letter from the district clerk informing them that they had been selected for the panel.

The scammers say if the victim pays a fine, the issue can be resolved without an arrest.

Matkin, however, said a sheriff's deputy would not call with such a solution and said if someone encounters the scam, they should treat the call as just that … a scam, no matter how convincing the caller sounds.

"Neither the district clerk's office nor the sheriff's office asks for personal information or for fine payment from any person appearing for jury duty," Matkin said.

Should a fine ever be levied against a juror, it would only be done by a district judge during an appearance before the court, Matkin said.

Matkin said residents who receive such calls should contact their local sheriff's office at once and report it.