Another Rabid Skunk Found In Local Neighborhood

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WOODWAY (April 2, 2013)—A skunk that Woodway Public Safety officers found in a local neighborhood has tested positive for rabies.

It is the first such report in Woodway but it follows reports of several rabid animals being found in Gatesville and at least one in Waco over the past few weeks.

The skunk in Woodway was found last week outside a home in the 400 block of Shadow Mountain Drive, Woodway Public Safety Chief Yost Zakhary said Tuesday.

The animal was killed and sent to Austin for testing and the positive report was received Monday, Zakhary said.

Zakhary said pet owners are encouraged to have their pets properly vaccinated against the virus and to watch them closely when outside to prevent exposure to rabies.

Zakhary also said homeowners should watch wild animals they might encounter, especially when the animal exhibits unusual behavior.

Wild animals at the highest risk of infection include skunks, bats, foxes, squirrels, coyotes and raccoons.

Anyone who suspects they've encountered an animal that might be infected is urged to call local law enforcement at once, he said.

A skunk that a Waco area resident found with his dogs in about the 16000 block of Wortham Bend Road tested positive for rabies, authorities said last week.

Earlier a feral cat that bit a south Waco woman tested positive for rabies.

The woman was being treated for rabies.

A cat that bit a Waco police officer last week has been tested for rabies and the report returned Tuesday showed the cat was not infected.

The confirmed rabies cases were the first in the city limits of Waco since 2006, police said.

Earlier rabies cases have been reported in McLennan, Bell and Coryell Counties, all of them involving skunks.

Several of the confirmed cases were in the city limits of Gatesville.