Area Oil Tank Site Where Worker Injured Investigated Before Blast

(KBTX-TV photo)

BRYAN (July 20, 2014) The Texas Railroad Commission, the state’s oil and gas regulator, had been investigating a Central Texas oil tank site for suspected leaks before an explosion earlier this month that critically injuring a worker.

The Railroad Commission had been inspecting the site since March, the Bryan Eagle reported Sunday.

Cameron McDonald, 25, was critically injured earlier this month when the tanks blew up as he used a torch to separate a catwalk from one of the tanks.

Railroad Commission records show inspectors found less than 20 barrels of oil and water leaking from a tank and well equipment in disrepair.

Finaly Resources, a company based in Long Beach, Calif., was notified of the problems.

On June 9, the Texas agency warned that if the problems weren't fixed the company could be fined as much as $10,000.

McDonald was wearing a safety harness as he was thrown clear in the explosion Wednesday and then the safety line slammed him face-first into the hot steel, officials said.

The fire burned through a strap and the man fell to the ground.

He was flown to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston.