Autopsy Ordered In Death Of Teenage Texas Jail Inmate

ANGLETON (September 5, 2014) An autopsy was ordered after an 18-year-old inmate was found hanging in the Brazoria County Jail in Angelton.

Victoria Gray was found dead Tuesday night.

She was booked into a single-occupancy cell last Friday after she was convicted on a third-degree felony family violence charge.

She was held after failing to comply with the terms of her probation.

Sheriff's investigator Paige Newsom says jail cells are inspected every 30 minutes.

A guard found Gray hanging by a mattress cover attached to an overhead shelf, she said.

Sheriff's personnel administered CPR at the jail and Gray was transported to an Angleton hospital, where she later died.

The autopsy will be performed by the Galveston County medical examiner.