Baylor Group Looks To Help Quake Victims

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WACO (March 14, 2011)--With the horrific imagines continuing to stream out of Japan, a local group of college students is looking to make a difference.

On Monday night, members of Baylor University's Japanese Student Association met to brainstorm ways to raise money to send to Japan.

The group is led by someone who knows the suffering in Japan firsthand.

Baylor University Professor Yuko Prefume was in her mother's home north of Tokyo when the quake hit. She says at first, she thought the quake was a minor one, something those who live in Japan are accustomed too.

"This one is a little bit bigger, but it will probably stop, then it didn't." Prefume said on Monday night, describing the sensations of riding out the earthquake.

Prefume said at first, there was no way of knowing about the massive devastation to the north, but once she saw the television coverage, she couldn't believe it.

"Its undescribable, its kind of hard to talk about it." Prefume said.

Prefume said the news only got worse. Prefume's sister lives in the hard-hit city of Sendai. She says at first, she wasn't able to reach her, but when she did, the news wasn't any better.

Prefume's nephew worked near the flooded airport, and for days no one could reach him.

He's okay, and now Prefume is back in Waco turning her efforts to help those back in Japan.

The Japanese Student Association says it hopes to have some fundraising ideas in the comin

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