Behind The Green and Gold: Local Artist Paints Stadium Progress

(January 9, 2014) McLane Stadium looks like a beautiful work of art rising in the Texas sky.

For Joe Magnano, that's exactly what it is.

"You've got cranes, stacks of material, clouds," he said.

"Then the aha moment happens," he added. "We need to go out to the stadium, like, before it gets dark."

And then he began to paint.

"I wanted to capture it at that moment because we'll never see that again. We'll go there, have a good time, but you'll never see that moment again. And I wanted to capture that."

What resulted was a painting titled, "Progress."

"There's a lot of man hours in it and I like appreciate that. I like the buildup," he said.

Magnano has sold hundreds of copies of his painting at Harts and Crafts near Baylor's campus, but his satisfaction comes knowing that he's helping showcase the transformation of Baylor football.

"It just shows progress," Magnano said. "It shows significance in the community, this community, Waco, Baylor, what's going on here. It's just symbolic of progress."

To purchase a copy of "Progress," visit Harts 'n Crafts at 1125 S 8th Street in Waco or call 254-754-3350.