Big Rig With Big Load Gets Stuck In The Mud, Blocks Area Highway

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RIESEL (May 28, 2014) A big rig hauling a large metal cylinder got stuck in the mud Wednesday in Riesel southeast of Waco, leaving a portion of Highway 6 blocked for hours.

(Photo courtesy of Barry Brown)

The truck got stuck early Wednesday afternoon as the driver attempted to turn left from FM 1860 onto Highway 6.

A crew used four heavy-duty lifts to get the rig out of the mud without affecting the load, which was very close to a power line.

A one-block stretch of FM 1860 and southbound Highway 6 were closed because of the stuck rig.

Deputies and Department of Public Safety troopers were diverting traffic around the stuck load.

The rig was en route from Houston, hauling a 300-foot-long seven-ton pressure cooker manufactured for an oil refinery in Canada.

(Photo by Carlos Garcia)