Two Local College Students Rescued From Capsized Boat

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WACO (January 23, 2014) Firefighters rescued two Baylor University students whose sailboat capsized Thursday afternoon on Lake Waco.

Rick Scott shot this photo of the rescue Thursday afternoon. (Photo courtesy of Rick Scott)

After attempting unsuccessfully to right the capsized boat, the two male students climbed on top of the overturned vessel, which is where firefighters found them.

The two students, who “were in the water for a considerable amount of time,” were taken to Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center for treatment of hypothermia, Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said.

Their core body temperatures were reported to be 87 degrees, Swanton said.

The two students probably owe their lives to a woman who spotted the capsized boat and notified a park attendant who called police, Swanton said.

Temperatures were in the upper 20s and snow was falling during the late afternoon rescue.

Authorities said they would wait until conditions improve to recover the capsized boat.

Traffic backed up on Highway 6 because motorists slowed to watch the rescue.

Police officers cleared the backup.

The names of the two students weren't immediately released.