Boat Catches Fire At Local Marina, Sinks; Occupants Swim To Safey

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WACO (April 5, 2013)—A boat on which a man and two young girls were preparing to go out on the Bosque River caught fire early Friday evening at the McLennan Community College Marina, forcing the three to jump into the river to escape the flames.

(Photo by Kyle Muscarello)

The fire broke out just after 5:30 p.m. Friday as the man started the boat, firefighters said.

He and the girls were able to swim to shore safely and no one was injured, firefighters said.

The boat, however, sank in the river, and a game warden was trying to figure out how to raise it.

A fire department hazmat team was cleaning up fuel that spilled.

The cause of the fire was mechanical, firefighters said.