Bogus Check Scam Surfaces Twice In Less Than A Week

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MCLENNAN COUNTY (January 15, 2014) A local woman and the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office are alerting the public of a bogus check scam they’ve both encountered in less than seven days.

The DA’s office was recently brought a check that was mailed to an individual within the county saying that individual had won a sweepstakes worth hundreds of dollars.

However, instructions within a letter mailed with the check said the individual should cash it and mail a sum of the winnings back to the sender for a processing fee.

The DA’s office has since said that the check is fairly realistic and likely wouldn’t be deemed fake until it’s cashed and circulated through a bank.

A similar bogus check scheme happened to Tonya Kolar, a West woman who sells Scentsy products in the area.

Kolar was contacted by a woman from out of state who wanted to order $170 worth of Scentsy products.

However, the woman claimed to be deaf, had no credit or debit cards, and wanted to pay with a cashier’s check.

A string of emails between the two made Kolar uneasy.

“The woman told me she sent the check for too much money and that I'd be receiving it, but for a larger amount than her total was for the products," Kolar said.

The woman wanted Kolar to cash the check and mail back the excess money she accidentally included on it.

The check has yet to arrive, but Kolar has decided she’s cancelling the order.

“I mean why do people do that? And what do you have going on in your little world that would make you want to screw people like that? It’s not nice," Kolar said.

Authorities say residents who receive such letters should notify police.