Bomb Squad Declares Suspicious Device Not Dangerous

WACO (September 8, 2012)—A bomb squad declared a suspicious device found outside of a Waco apartment to be nothing more than an old television set.

The investigation took place in a parking lot behind the Austin Arm Apartments on Austin Avenue. The street was shut down between 14th street and 13th street while authorities investigated.

The suspicious device stole the attention of residents at the apartment complex when it showed up at about 9 p.m. Saturday morning. It was a medium-sized box TV set that had black tape all around it, and a converter box glued on top.

Waco police received the tip about the TV at 4:15 Saturday evening. McLennan County bomb techs were sent to the scene about 30 minutes later. A technician X-rayed the TV three times before determining that it was not dangerous.

Meanwhile, guests to a wedding at the Austin Avenue United Methodist Church were told they could not leave the building until authorities cleared the scene.

“We came out here for the wedding and noticed the cops all over the street,” said Larry Wollard, father of the groom. “We were wondering what they were doing. They had a parking lot blocked with their car. After the wedding we heard they were going to blow up a suspicious package.”

Police did not blow up the suspicious device, but they did remove it from the scene.

Waco police say they took the junk TV as evidence and are looking for the person who might have dumped it.

They say it is possible that someone could face charges for the bomb scare.