Border Patrol Arrests 80 At Makeshift Texas Camp

McALLEN (April 18, 2014) U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested at least 80 immigrants at a makeshift camp in suburban South Texas who are suspected of entering the U.S. illegally.

It’s not clear whether any of those arrested Thursday afternoon were guides suspected of guarding the immigrants, Border Patrol spokesman Danny Tirado said.

The immigrants told authorities they had been at the site in McAllen for at least a week with little food or water.

Tents and huts were camouflaged with mesquite branches and they slept on pieces of cardboard on the ground.

A short time later, the Border Patrol arrested 132 immigrants who were found in two buildings on a property in Alton, about 8 miles west of McAllen.

The Border Patrol made more than 154,000 arrests along the section of the U.S.-Mexico border in southernmost Texas last year, more than anywhere else on the Southwest border.

The majority of immigrants come from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.