Burglar Steals $1 Million In Bags, Jewelry, Furs In Texas Suburb

THE WOODLANDS (August 3, 2014) A burglar has taken as much as $1 million worth of designer bags, jewelry and furs from the 3,000-square-foot closet of a suburban Houston woman who uses the room for charity fundraisers.

Theresa Roemer says she and Montgomery County sheriff's deputies believe recent TV and magazine publicity about her closet attracted the burglar Friday night to her home in The Woodlands.

Roemer said she and her husband forgot to set an alarm before they went out Friday.

The theft was captured on a video given to authorities.

The intruder, wearing a jump suit and a hoodie, broke in through a bathroom window.

The video shows he made four trips over 40 minutes, filling designer luggage with loot.