Burglars Hit Pharmacy Near Local Police Dept. 3 Times This Year

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WACO (May 1, 2014) Police are looking for the burglars who have hit a local Pharmacy Plus store three times this year, even though the business is just a block from the Waco Police Department.

The window that the thieves broke out to get into the store was still boarded up Thursday. (Photo by Kyle Muscarello)

In the most recent burglary, which happened last week, thieves used an axe to break out the store’s large front window of the store at 3308 Hillcrest Dr.

“This piece of glass right here was not shatterproof so there were a lot of jagged edges and everything and so they came through went to the pharmacy, knew what they were looking for, took the medication, ran back out probably in 30 seconds,” pharmacist and store manager Chris Boyd said.

Boyd said the break-in left him feeling uneasy.

“He could come back in here, take whatever he wants, shoot me, or whatever and be gone,” Boyd said.

Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton says the burglars are pretty brazen, but says he think they’ll be caught soon.

“I think that goes to show that the thinking the logical thinking of people that are doing these kind of crimes is just not right,” he said.

The thieves are targeting the store’s stock of narcotics, Boyd said.

“In the break-in back in April they probably took around 5 to 6 thousand hydrocodone pills,” he said.

Swanton says such drugs can be a powerful lure to crooks.

“We have dopers out there that are willing to buy narcotics from the people that are stealing them and as long as there's money to be made people are going to take a risk and that's what's happening here,” he said.