Burglary Suspects Refuse To Come Out, SWAT Team Called In

WACO (March 12, 2014) The Waco Police Department’s SWAT Team was called in Wednesday morning after a man and a woman suspected in a home burglary refused to come out of their house.

(Photo by Christina Truong)

The two were in custody late Wednesday morning as officers searched the house at 3211 North 16th St. for items police think were taken in the break-in earlier in the morning at a home in the 2600 block of Alexander Avenue, including a washer and dryer, Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said.

Officers were sent to the house on Alexander at around 6 a.m. Wednesday after neighbors who were keeping an eye on the home while the residents were out of town reported the break-in.

The neighbors told officers they saw two people break in and take a washer and a dryer out of the home.

The appliances were loaded in the bed of a pickup truck, and then the pair drove off, Swanton said.

Police tracked the couple to the house on North 16th Street and knocked on the door, but the two refused to respond, he said.

Officers stood by while a search warrant was obtained and detectives and the SWAT Team were dispatched to the residence to serve it.

The people inside still refused to come out, however, so SWAT officers breached a window to get inside, at which time the man and woman decided they'd give up, Swanton said.

Police recovered a washer and dryer at the suspect house, along with several other items they believe were stolen in other burglaries, Swanton said.