CPS Takes 10 Children From Texas Home, But Who Are They?

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LAREDO (June 15, 2013)--Texas Child Protective Services officials are trying to identify 10 children who were taken from a home in an upscale neighborhood in Laredo.

The agency removed the children from the home of Elsa Cuellar Alvarado in May citing unsafe conditions, but since then, they have been unable to identify the children aged five to 17.

Authorities say the children believe Cuellar Alvarado is their biological mother, and have lived with her since infancy but authorities say the children do not appear to be related to one another or to Cuellar Alvarado.

The investigation was opened after the school district reported it appeared that Cuellar Alvarado had falsified documents.

Authorities say the children will undergo DNA tests.

A woman has already claimed one of the children.