California Marijuana Growing Operation Linked To Local Family

Le’ann Keogh Koss (left) Larry Phillip Koss (center) and Connor Koss. (Jail photos)

WACO (December 17, 2013) Searchers Monday in California that led to the seizure of more than 200 pounds of pot are linked to a local investigation of the shipment of high-grade marijuana cultivated in the state to Waco for distribution to what an affidavit described as “numerous individuals including Baylor students.”

Phillip Koss, Connor Koss and Leann Keogh Koss, 59, were arrested on Nov. 29 at their home in Waco in connection with the investigation.

Affidavits submitted for the search and arrest warrants said Koss and his son Connor maintained a residence in California for growing high-grade marijuana, which was then shipped illegally to Waco.

“Connor Koss was an organizer of the distribution network that planned the transportation of large shipments of marijuana from California to Waco,” the affidavit quoted a confidential informant as saying.

On Monday, a McGregor officer assisted California authorities as they served search warrants on two Yuba County homes owned by Chad and Connor Koss, McGregor police Investigator Joe Coy said Tuesday.

Authorities didn’t further identify Chad Koss in a press release Tuesday about the raids.

Officers seized about 150 pounds of processed high-grade marijuana, a large amount of marijuana buds, business records and a .40-caliber pistol from the 20-acre property owned by Chad Koss, Coy said.

Other agents served a search warrant in Dobbins, Calif., at a residence owned by Connor Koss where they recovered 30 pounds of high-grade marijuana buds, along with an additional 50 pounds of processed marijuana.

Agents also seized equipment they say was used to process marijuana into hashish, Coy said.

Later that evening, two more search warrants were served on two storage units in Yuba City, Calif., from which agents seized three weapons, a small safe which contained approximately $2000.00 in currency and several gold and silver coins.

Phillip, Leann and Connor Koss remained in the McLennan County Tuesday in lieu of $400,000 bond each, charged with distribution of marijuana, distribution of hashish and money laundering.

Phillip Koss is the owner of "Stretch for Life," a local business offering non-medicinal therapy for victims of stroke, neuropathy, Parkinson's disease, and dystonia.

During the search of the Koss’ home in November, officers found documents that show that Phillip Koss “is a registered marijuana dispenser in the state of California,” according to an affidavit filed in support of a seizure warrant for funds in the Koss’ bank accounts.

An arrest affidavit submitted for the seizure warrant says investigators believe the "business is a front utilized to launder money and that Phillip Koss' main source of income is derived from the cultivation and distribution of marijuana and hashish business."

The Waco raid was the culmination of a three-month investigation tied to earlier raids involving Baylor students, a McGregor police source said.

Police said they seized some 15 pounds of hashish and about eight pounds of marijuana with a combined estimated street value of more than $160,000.

Police said they also seized assault weapons, handguns, vehicles and more than $20,000 in cash.

In 1983 Phillip Koss was convicted of homicide and was sentenced to 10 years on probation, Texas Department of Public Safety records showed.