Car Crashes Into Local Home

(Photo by Chin Doan)
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TEMPLE (November 18, 2012)--A car crashed into a Temple home in the 600 block of Draper Dr. Sunday afternoon.

The call came in as a possible house fire.

Firefighters determined light smoke inside the house was from spinning tires of the vehicle partially inside the house.

The car driven by a man in his early 30's ran through a private fence and through the backyard before crashing into the rear corner of the house.

The man was transported with non-life threatening injuries.

Homeowner Lance Simpson said he thought the phone call this afternoon from the Temple fire chief was a prank.

"I actually asked if it was a prank call just because that would be the better outcome than what actually happened, but as you can see it wasn't a prank call," Simpson said.

But before worrying about the damage, Simpson said he's more concerned about the safety of his family and others.

"One of the questions I asked was, 'Was the person in the car OK?'" Simpson said.

"That's more important than a post or some walls."

Simpson and his 9-year-old son are staying with family while they work out the insurance details to fix their home.

Circumstances surrounding the crash are being investigated by Temple Police.