Two Local Students In Midst Of Protests In Egypt

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WACO (January 30, 2011) - As conditions continue to deteriorate in Egypt, Baylor University officials say one student studying abroad there will leave the country on Monday.

Baylor says two students are currently studying abroad in Cairo, and one will fly from there to meet family in Kenya.

The university said the other student will remain on campus, as the school monitors developments while thousands of protesters continue to defy curfews and turn out to protest in a bid to overturn Egypt's current government.

Niles Wethington, a Baylor freshman who moved from Cairo to Waco to attend Baylor, says his parents still live there, and hope to leave the country sometime Monday as well.

The U.S. State Department says more than 2,400 Americans have contacted U.S. officials seeking government-chartered evacuation flights from the country and says that more than 220 have already left on the special flights.

The department said it expects to evacuate about 900 U.S. citizens from Egypt on Monday and another 1,000 on Tuesday as anti-government protests continue to roil the country.

It said the majority of U.S. citizens wanting to leave are in Cairo but that others are in the cities of Alexandria, Luxor and Aswan.

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