Local Woman Remembers 1st BU Stadium Graduation

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WEST (December 7, 2013) The very first Baylor graduation ceremony to be held at Floyd Casey Stadium was May 27, 1951.

Bettye Tucker was one of the students to graduate that year.

"I remember walking through the tunnel thinking, 'this is where the football boys come out onto the field,'" Tucker said.

Tucker got a business degree from Baylor and married her husband, Jake, a few months before graduation.

"Our class was quite a large class because a lot of GI's had returned from WWII and were in school," Tucker said. "That is how I met my husband."

The couple began their lives together in West. They owned J&B Realty.

Like many others, their lives were turned upside down this year. A lot of what the Tucker's owned was destroyed in the explosion.

"It totally effected it," Tucker said. "It practically ruined it. I have about half the rent property I had before. I owned the 22-unit apartment complex that was in all the newspapers and everything. Plus, my house is gone."

Tucker also lost her graduation program and photos in the blast, but she does still have memories from that day.

"There is nothing like having a college degree," Tucker said. "It doesn't matter what your degree is in. The experience of going to college is wonderful."

At 83, Tucker is still a die-hard Baylor Bears fan. She has been going to football and basketball games for over sixty years.

Graduation ceremonies were only held at Floyd Casey Stadium from 1951-1955.