Central Texas Man Accidentally Runs Over 4-Year-Old Son

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BRAZOS COUNTY (September 19, 2013)--A 4-year-old boy died after, investigators said, he was accidentally run over by a truck driven by his own father.

It happened at around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at a home along Ashley Lane south of the Texas A&M University campus.

Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk said the boy was playing in the yard when his father drove home in his dual-wheel pickup truck.

The boy ran up to the passenger side of the truck to greet his father.

Kirk said after a few words, the father drove off to park.

"Apparently the child had gotten close to the vehicle," Kirk said.

"The dual-wheel fender knocked him to the ground and the rear wheels passed over the child."

Kirk said the father jumped out and found the boy lying motionless on the ground.

The boy's parents rushed him to the hospital, but Kirk said the youngster was pronounced dead on arrival.

A family friend who was at the boy's home Wednesday called the incident a tragic accident.

Investigators said a blood sample was taken from the father as a matter of procedure, but he doesn't suspect alcohol played a role in the accident.

Kirk said he's been working in law enforcement for 33 years, and tragedies like this always hit close to home.

"Anytime that you work the death of a child, you can't help but personalize it and think about your own children and your own grandchildren," said Kirk.

The victim's name wasn’t immediately released.