Central Texas Officer Shoots Family’s Therapy Dog

LEANDER (June 19, 2013)—A Leander police officer faces an administrative review after he shot a family's trained therapy dog while trying to serve a traffic-related warrant.

The dog’s owner, James Simmons, said the Leander police officer went to the wrong house to serve the warrant.

His wife Renata has been a professional dog trainer for more than 30 years and says people are always coming and going through their yard.

The dog, named Vinny, is not aggressive, she said.

But police say Officer Woodson Blase felt threatened when he opened fire Monday and shot the 3-year-old German shepherd.

Police say Vinny and another dog were running toward the officer at the time.

Vinny was shot through the neck as Simmons 6-year-old grandson played nearby.

The boy wasn't hurt and the dog is recovering.

The officer remains on active duty.