Murdered Woman Was Family Friend Of Accused Killer

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TEAGUE (February 13, 2014) A Freestone County man was held Thursday in the Limestone County Jail charged with capital murder in connection with the weekend stabbing death of a Teague woman.

Larson Edwin Moore III (Jail photo)

Larson Edwin Moore, III, 23, was ordered held in lieu of bonds totaling $1,041,500, charged with capital murder, aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury, resisting arrest Class C assault and on a motion to revoke probation on a previous possession of marijuana charge, a clerk at the Freestone County Sheriff's
Office said.

Teague police arrested Moore late Tuesday afternoon in Limestone County and authorities say he'll remain in custody there for the time being.

Moore is charged in the stabbing death of Marjorie Pevehouse, 66, whom police found after responding to a report at around 6 p.m. Sunday that a woman was laying on the floor of a home on Robbie Lane.

She appeared to have been stabbed several times, Teague police Chief Dennis Cox said.

Cox said he saw one stab wound on Pevehouse’s body and another on her forehead.

Blood was found in several areas of the house, he said.

Nothing had been taken, he said.

Officers found a knife and evidence of a struggle inside the house, a press release said.

An autopsy was ordered.

Cox said Moore's mother, Diana Moore, was close friends with the victim and found Pevehouse's body.

Moore told News 10 that Pevehouse was renting her home from her, and that she was going there for coffee when she found Pevehouse’s body.

She also detailed that her son was on probation, has a history of mental issues, and showed News 10 a bottle of Risperidone, a drug that treats schizophrenia, which had been prescribed to him.

Diana Moore said her son loved Pevehouse, and that she is devastated by her death.

The Freestone County Sheriff's Office, Texas Rangers and the Department of Public Safety Crime Lab are also involved in the investigation.

Larson Edwin Moore III (Jail photo)
Marjorie Pevehouse (Courtesy photo)