Central Texas Woman Aimed For Skunk, Shot Husband

COLLEGE STATION (August 27, 2012)—A College Station woman accidentally shot her husband while trying to kill a skunk in their yard, the Brazos County Sheriff's Office said.

The incident happened Sunday night in the College Station area as the wife fired a handgun at the animal and the bullet ricocheted.

Sheriff Chris Kirk said the wife, who has a concealed handgun permit, came out of the home's detached garage and saw the skunk.

Kirk saidthe woman fired a .45-caliber handgun at the animal, but missed.

The bullet ricocheted off a deck, went through the house's closed back door and struck the woman's husband in the abdomen, Kirk said.

The bullet did not damage any vital organs and the man should be released from the hospital Monday, Kirk said.

The names of the man and his wife have not been released.