Chemical Leak In Texas City Injures At Least 8

TEXAS CITY (October 25, 2012)--At least eight people were slightly hurt in a chemical tank leak that restricted outdoor activities in a Southeast Texas city, authorities said.

Emergency authorities in Texas City lifted a shelter-in-place order shortly after 5 a.m. Thursday following the storage tank spill involving hydrochloric acid.

Diane Tracy with the Dallas Group of America Inc. says company officials are investigating Wednesday night's accident.

Tracy said that one employee, three nearby residents, and four firefighters were injured.

She said all eight victims were treated and released from a hospital.

Homeland Security coordinator Bruce Clawson originally four firefighters and five workers suffered acid exposure in the leak around 11 p.m. Wednesday.

A shelter-in-place order was issued just before midnight.

Emergency officials did not immediately explain the discrepancy in the number of reported victims.