City Pool Opens With Few Changes 10 Months After Drowning

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MCGREGOR ( June 10, 2014 ) City Manager Kevin Evans says the pool will be run just as it was last season, when Treyvon Thomas, 12, drown.

He was swimming with friends at a birthday party in August 2013 when he went underwater and had to be pulled up.

Officials say, there were lifeguards on duty but that some nearby nurses started CPR until the paramedics arrived.

The boy later died at the hospital.

Right now, his parents, Laura Garrett and Ricky Thomas are suing the city for $1,000,000 dollars for wrongful death.

In the suit, it says four lifeguards were employed by the city at the time of the incident and that only one was watching the water.

However, the petition says that person was sitting in a lawn chair in the shallow end of the pool.

The suit also says when the boy was pulled from the water city employees made no attempt to save his life.

"Safety is always the number one issue and it's the same now as it was last year and it will always be the number one concern,” Evans said.

While no changes have been made in the number of staffers, the look and feel of the pool has changed.

The city has installed new awnings, has gotten new pool furniture, and installed new wind guards.