Class Prank Lands 18 Area High School Seniors In Hot Water

Bartlett High School (Bartlett ISD photo/file)
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BARTLETT (May 30, 2014) Eighteen seniors, more than half of Bartlett High School’s graduating class, were red-faced Friday after they were called on the carpet for pulling off a senior class prank in school hallways that left a huge mess.

Bartlett police initially investigated the incident as a criminal mischief, but the police chief said Friday his department is no longer involved.

Sometime Wednesday night or early Thursday morning, students somehow got inside the building and covered hallways and offices with streamers, loose paper, and confetti, school officials said.

Hallway walls were sprayed with shaving cream, school officials said.

The students may not face any criminal responsibility, but the Bartlett School Board met Thursday evening to decide what disciplinary action the district should take.

The school board ordered the students back into the building to clean up the mess they made.

The students involved will be able to graduate and no further punishment is expected, the school board’s vice president said Friday.

Some students were initially detained early Thursday morning as police began investigating the incident, but they were later turned over to their parents.

Despite the mess, the prank caused no permanent damage to the building or its contents, school officials said.