Community Runs For "Bobby," Badge Number 234

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KILLEEN (July 20, 2013) -- "I am just so thankful and I know that Bobby is going to live on through the police department and the city and he will be honored forever and I think that's a pretty good way to go," said Kimberly Hornsby as she spoke to a packed crowd about her husband at the Hero 5K Run.

"I am so proud of him. Thank you for your support and I am ready to run a 5K."

It's been week since Killeen Police SWAT Officer, Robert "Bobby" Hornsby was killed at a shootout in Killeen.

The Central Texas community has been donating their time and money to assist Kimberly Hornsby and her family.

Owner of Crossfit Killeen, Greg Brown, decided to hold a 5K for Kimberly after he heard the news of her husband's death.

"Kim is actually one of our clients," said Brown. "She has been with us for about a month or so. When we heard the news on Sunday we wanted to put something together for her."

Brown planned for a 5K for around 50 to 100 people. As news of the event grew, so did the attendance.

Over 800 people signed up for the event. "I would honestly say it wouldn't have been possible without some of our clients helping us out," said Brown.

"The City of Killeen reached out and they took care of a lot of the burden for us in organizing it. It was hectic and definitely an experience. It was awesome and totally worth it."

Several people at the event wore shirts that had Bobby's name and retired badge number, 234.

Others had shirts with "Remember Bobby" on it. Killeen Police Detective, Ramiro Martinez remembers Bobby, back to when they first met in the 9th grade.

After high school, Martinez lived with Bobby for a couple of years before going off to college. Martinez returned to Killeen and went into law enforcement.

Later, Bobby joined the force and got accepted onto KPD's SWAT Team. "When you become an officer, you automatically join this bond of brotherhood," said Martinez.

"These are guys you just go to battle for and you would give your life for. When you throw in a best friend, a little brother. Somebody that meant the world to you. It's just that much more special.

I was a proud brother to have him there and it was beyond a sense of just a police bond. I felt like I had, like there was someone there who always had my back and no matter what, he was going to be there.... which he was."

The minimum donation to run in the 5K was $10. Brown said that they raised over $13,000 during the event.

"It was a huge outpouring and a blessing," said Brown. "It was totally awesome. Just the support that killeen showed the family, Kim and her family."

Martinez has been "in awe" of the community support. "It's just been a blessing and it's something this community has never experienced before," said Martinez. "Words can't even describe what I feel today."