Convicted Central Texas Spree Killer Loses Death Row Appeal

Paul Devoe (Texas prison photo)

AUSTIN (January 15, 2014) The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Wednesday rejected the appeal of death row inmate Paul Devoe, 50, who was convicted of killing two teenagers during a deadly crime spree in 2007.

Devoe was arrested in Shirley, N.Y., where he grew up, several days after four people were slain in Jonestown, near Austin.

Devoe was convicted and sentenced to death for killing Haylie Faulkner, 15, and Danielle Hensley, 17 on Aug 24, 2007.

Faulkner was the daughter of Devoe's ex-girlfriend, Paula Griffith, 46, who also was slain along with her boyfriend, Jay Feltner, 48.

Authorities said Devoe used a .380 caliber pistol to shoot Griffith and the two teenagers in the head and Feltner in the upper right shoulder.

Devoe was also accused of killing bartender Michael Allred in Marble Falls.

Devoe says he went to Griffith's house because she was the one person he could turn to after his gun went off in a Marble Falls bar fight, killing Allred.

After the killings in Jonestown, prosecutors say Devoe left Texas for New York, had car trouble near State Line, Pa., and then killed Betty Jane Dehart, 81, and stole her vehicle.

Of the six slayings, he said he only remembered the bar shooting and claimed it was unintentional.