Waitress Fired Over Forged Receipt At Local Restaurant

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WACO (June 12, 2014) Waco Police are investigating a credit card abuse case that took place at La Fiesta, a staple restaurant in Waco, after a couple’s bill was altered after eating there.

The couple spoke with News 10 providing their identities be kept anonymous. They shared receipts from a meal they ordered at the restaurant on June 3rd of this month.

The couple says when the bill came; they left a tip of $2.00 on both the customer and merchant copy, bringing their total to $9.84.

But when they got home, they saw a charge from La Fiesta for $12.84 on their bank account. The couple went back to the restaurant where a manager showed them the merchant copy they had on file.

On it, the tip line shows $5.00, and the signature appears to be forged.

Sgt. Patrick Swanton from Waco Police says La fiesta had nothing to do with the tampered receipt; rather an individual working at the restaurant rang up more than what was actually on the bill.

A manager at La Fiesta authenticated the story and says one of their waitresses has since been fired.

They further commented saying anytime something like this happens; it leads to termination no questions asked.