Cove Council Sets Limit On Number Of Pets Per Household

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COPPERAS COVE (May 6, 2014) Residents in Copperas Cove will only be allowed to have up to four pets in their homes under an ordinance approved Tuesday night by the Copperas Cove City Council.

The growing stray animal population and illegal breeding activity forced the city to revamp its existing ordinance, which has been in effect since 1999.

It set the limit at four pets per person per household.

"We had cases before of animal cruelty where the owners were not taking care of the animals," said David Wellington of Copperas Cove Animal Control.

"They were breeding in the backyards so everything was getting out of control plus the sanitation."

Wellington said the ordinance should help to keep the number of pets coming into the shelter down.

"If you have too many animals it's harder to for you to take care of it nowadays. They would end up in the shelter," he said.

Resident Karen Sherman, who is part of a neighborhood dog watch program, and is familiar with the stray animal problem, supported the change.

"I think it's needed," said Karen Sherman, Cove resident. "Otherwise people would have too many and it would be a big problem."

"I want to get a neighborhood pet registry going so that when there are strays animals we can get them back home instead of bringing them to the shelter," she said.

Violators of the ordinance will be given a warning, and a chance to find a new home for the additional pets.

The city could also issue citations, and fine anyone not complying with the ordinance.