Crew Prepares To Move Century-Old Mexia House

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MEXIA (May 21, 2014) A crew went to work Wednesday to prepare to move a 5,600-square-foot century-old house from a neighborhood in Mexia to a ranch about 20 miles away.

(Photo by Sara Humphrey)

The two-story house at 703 East Main St. in Mexia was built in the early 1900s.

The owners, Joseph Donohoo and his wife, want to move it to their ranch near Teague.

"You can't get the charm now like you could back in the 1900s," Donohoo said Wednesday.

"We are doing it for the charm."

To accomplish that, the crew will separate the house into five pieces.

Workers from East Texas Structural Movers of Athens were using cranes Wednesday to remove the roof of the house.

Once the house is moved, the owners said they may build duplexes on the lot or may sell the property.

"We love this town, it is a really neat place but we wanted the house at the ranch," Donohoo said.

"We will see what we are going to do with this lot after the move."