Crew Tears Down Collapsed Landmark Central Texas Bridge

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MCLENNAN COUNTY (April 22, 2014) Workers are tearing down the landmark Eichelberger Crossing Bridge across the North Bosque River just north of Waco, which collapsed in late March, evidently as the result of debris that backed up after weekend rains and shifted the foundation.

(Photo by Sara Humphrey)

Several residents came out to watch the demolition Tuesday.

"It was a fun place," Precinct 4 Foreman Billy Garrett said.

"There are a lot of memories here."

County officials say they hope to eventually repair what is left of the bridge.

"We want to fix it back up for foot traffic only so it will be a nice place for people to come down and fish," Garrett said.

The turn-of-the century bridge was built at the site of a river crossing settled by the Eichelberger family in the early 1850s.

Descendants of the original settlers include former McLennan County District Attorney Martin Eichelberger, who died in 1977, and pro golfer Dave Eichelberger.

The bridge was abandoned in 1987 according to online records, but was used by walkers and fishermen.