Crime Rampant In Texas Prisons, State Figures Show

AUSTIN (June 23, 2014) Criminal acts in the Texas prison system are rampant and authorities have filed 3,000 charges against prisoners since 2009 and nearly 600 more against corrections officers during the same time period, state figures show.

Inmates have been accused of committing a variety of crimes while incarcerated, from murder to smuggling contraband to sexual assault, and the rate reached a peak in 2012 when more than 680 charges were filed.

Meanwhile, 93 officers faced criminal charges last year, down from a high of 154 in 2009.

The figures reported by the Houston Chronicle show that crime rates in prison holding steady despite a drop in the number of prisoners.

About 151,000 inmates are housed in the 109 state prisons.

The number of prisoners is down by about 9,000 from a decade ago.