Local Airport Reopens After Long Shutdown

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KILLEEN (September 26, 2013)—Flights in and out of Killeen/Fort Hood Regional Airport resumed Thursday after a 12-hour shutdown Wednesday because of a disabled military plane on a runway.

The C-5 Galaxy parked on the runway Wednesday at Killeen/Fort Hood Regional Airport. (Photo by Ben Griffin)

The plane was finally towed from the runway using a special truck at around midnight.

American Eagle, United, and Delta serve the joint-use airport.

Wednesday afternoon, passengers were shuttled to Waco Regional Airport to catch flights there.

The plane was a C-5 Galaxy, the military’s largest aircraft.

The crew was doing touch-and-go landings Wednesday and during one of the landings felt a shudder in the plane’s nose gear at around 12:35 p.m. Wednesday.

The pilots stopped the plane on the runway and requested a maintenance crew to inspect the landing gear.

The maintenance crew determined that nothing was broken and then discovered Wednesday afternoon that a specialized tow truck was needed to pull the plane to a hangar on the military side of the airport.

The truck had to be brought in from Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio, where the C-5 is based, a Fort Hood spokesman said.

The huge transport plane has a wingspan of almost 223 feet, is almost 250 feet long and a little more than 65 feet high.

It can carry a maximum load of 270,000 pounds of cargo at a speed of 518 miles per hour.