Dog Missing For Nearly 2 Years Returned to Local Family

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ELM MOTT (December 15, 2013) A family dog that disappeared in April of 2012 in Arizona has now been returned to its family, which has since moved to Elm Mott.

According to the dog’s owner, Christy Tripp, 33, the long-haired Chihuahua named “Lily” went missing on Easter Sunday last year.

“Someone had left the door open in our house, and I noticed Lily couldn’t be found,” Tripp said.

Tripp and her family lived in Scottsdale, Ariz. at the time. After searching through neighborhoods, and putting up fliers for months, Tripp says all hope in finding Lily was eventually lost.

“At about 8 months I thought she was gone for sure,” she said.

“It was then when I decided to leave all memories of Lily behind.”

In August of this year, Tripp got engaged and relocated to Elm Mott.

The last thing on her mind this Christmas was the dog she said goodbye to, until she received a surprising e-mail last Sunday.

"I got an e-mail from Lily’s microchip company saying she had been scanned at the vet clinic I had used in Scottsdale," Tripp said.

At that moment, Tripp called her old vet clinic to find out Lily was brought in by a complete stranger who said he found her wandering in Tripp’s old neighborhood.

After Tripp proved she was Lily’s owner, the homeward bound pup was set to be put on a plane for Texas, but problems ensued.

“Lily couldn’t get cleared to fly in the cargo bay of the plane because she was too small and wouldn’t survive the altitude temperature during the flight,” Tripp said.

So Tripp’s old vet clinic reached out to the public through Facebook, asking anyone if they would fly with Lily so she could be in the cabin of a plane.

It was a steep request that ended up being fulfilled.

“A good Samaritan volunteered to carry Lily on their flight free of charge,” Tripp said.

After being separated for nearly 2 years, Tripp and her family drove to DFW International Airport Sunday to reunite with Lily.

“It’s pretty incredible, I mean, to see that she's safe, happy and healthy,” Tripp said.

It’s unclear where Lily has been since she went missing; however Tripp doesn’t want to speculate and says she’s just glad her dog is home for Christmas.

“This is honestly, the best Christmas present my family could have ever received,” she said.